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Visually impaired celebrate Republic DayAfter the success of the Kannada mega serials like 'Mayamraga', 'Manvantara' and 'Mukta', TN Sitaram's Kannada serial 'Mukta Mukta' is turning out to be another big success. Like his other serials, 'Mukta Mukta' also deals with middle class family, politics, current affairs, bureaucracy, exploitation of woman, and introducing laws to people. Now the serial has reached an interesting position.

The show is aired at prime time 9.30 pm on ETV Kannada, and repeat telecast at 11 pm and 1.30 am, targeting the business community and the NRI audience respectively. Not surprisingly, the serial has specially caught the imagination of the legal fraternity, with its very popular court scenes. The scenes of arguments in court, which are TNS's trump card, is creating a lot of interest even after watching the same scenes everyday. TN Sitaram creates new interest with the same old court scene in every episode.
In the present episode, Judge Deshpande is in trouble for his son in law Raju's death, while Bullet Soma and Boja are the main approver and witness for Deshpande presumably killing his son in law. The main motivation behind Soma and Boja is Ranjan Lal Mishra, and the investigating police officer is Durgoji Kendavada, i.e. TNS, an advocate for the Judge Deshpande who is an honest and upright Judge. The judge hearing this case is played by Prof. Baragur Ramachandrappa.

Regarding Mukta - The landscape of serials was (is) dominated by family sagas, extra-marital and pre-marital relationships. Completely devoid of logic and full of over-the-board-sentiments, most serials drive away any sensible man. After the large success of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Indian TV has not seen a serial which can be labeled as “super hit”.

One of the main attractions in T N Seetaram’s serials is that it speaks about the real issues. Undoubtedly, there have been many instances when he has educated a large section of population through his serial. In fact the court scenes in his serials have immensely help in ethics classes.


  1. i realy din't have been see this kind serial, y bcz always herion charcter is dump, and as usual hero's character, this title will suits for yeshodara and same equal to pooja, u know one thing always psychos only win the all time in this serial, there no twist only, we can easly what will happen in next epodoe, one more the character of narayana is worst comedy, never get laugh, one thing i can say in this serial always psychos and selfish'e only win the life and live happily, according to director, i think he is also one big psycho so that he is doing this kind of serial.................. shae on u director

  2. Chandramukhi is the worst serial which i had ever seen in my life. from past one year serial hasn't moved further. All the time chasing chasing...even after that will there be any result?? absolutely NO. I'm sure that director doesn't have any common sense and he wants to play with the viewers who is still watching this serial. I'm really irritated by watching this serial and i feel like breaking the TV even if hear the tiltle song of that serail.really i didn't understand what is the purpose of the characters(Radhika, Sridhar, Chandramuki, Karthik...). I kindly request you to stop directing such a sadistic story or please stop telecasting such a worst serial for god sake. If u really doesn't know how to direct a serial then watch krishnavatharalu serail which is telecasted at 8:30 P>m in zee telugu, its mix of comedy and good story. People really feel relaxed after watching such serial and they really go mad if they watch serial like "chandramuki."

  3. Chandramukhi is the worst serial which i had ever seen in my life. I really dont understand whether the director has the commen sense or not?? All the the seial would be chasing and Kidnaps...even after that will there be any result of these kidnaps? Absolutely NO. From past one year the serial hasn't moved further.Director just wants to play eith viewers who r still watching this worst serial. If you dont know how to direct a serial please watch "krishnavatharalu" which is telecasted in Zee Telugu at 8:30 P.M, it is a mix of comedy and good story. I really dont understand what is the purpose of the dummy characters(sridhar, Radhika, Karthik, Chandramuki, raghavarao..)u can narrate the entire story with yashodhara and puja characters.I kindly request you to stop directing such a worst story(bcoz u r unfit for the director post).

  4. I have never seen such a worst serial like chandramukhi.The director does't have any sence or what. I don't know what he is trying to say with this serial. i think he is a psycho. he never likes the truth. the story does't have any relation with the title.stop this serial or change the story. i am getting so much hesitation because of this stupid serial.change the story if you have any brain. always chasings, kidnaps, centiment.....
    watch the serial krishnavatharalu and learn how to do the direction.
    dont play the dirty games with the serial. if you don't know what to do with the serial, please stop the serial. this is my sincere advice.

  5. I had never seen such a worst serial like chandramukhi. The director didn't have any sense, i think.He is a psycho it seems. serial title and the story doesn't have any relation. i think chandu is the enemy of director. He always wants the victory of yashodhara and pooja(major psycho characters in the serial). What is the need of hero character, is a waste fellow and dummy. my sincere advice for the director is please stop the serial if you don't how to write the story........ please stop telecasting this serial in ETV. people will go really mad while watching this serial. if you have any common sense please change the story. You are unfit for the direction. shame on you.

  6. iam watching serial

    chandra mukhi worst

    story wha happened to

    director no good only bad

    sadism hero is dummy .plz stop the serial .u are waste

    fellow .director plz stop the serial.evarroo chudaddhu plz

    serial director waste gadu. hero ki imaportance ledhu.sadism

    director .its very very bad

  7. radha serial in etv kannada is very worst n no story better stop

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  9. ETV Kannada channel is the worst because it is the only channel which telecasts serials even on saturday.and the one which telecasts the more number of serials.



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